My first build is proceeding along at it's usual geological pace.  Went I got to the scroll/neck I decided as a change of pace to just relax and have fun with it.  Other than starting with the Titian outline (photo copied from poster) and the neck template (copied from Weisshaar book), I decided to just make the scroll by trying to make it pleasing to my eye.  When I made a mistake I just worked the area until it was esthetically pleasing to my eye again, or as close as I thought I could get without causing more of a screw up than leaving it alone.    My goal was to learn about scroll carving without worrying about making mistakes and to learn how to use my tools with the wood.  I went into the process with the mind set that the neck block would end in the scrap heap and might get reincarnated as a peg shaper or part of something else.    To my great surprise I reached the point where it's time to start working on the fingerboard without creating a fatal flaw in the scroll.  So as I sit back and start comparing my work to other scrolls (Strad and others), I notice that the throat, while attractive to my eye, is rather skinny compared to the other examples I've looked at.   Finally the question!  Do you think I should work on the throat area or not worry about it and just keep on keeping on?   Thanks, Jim