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The Vuillaume did not disappoint.

I see an article about another Vuillaume viola here:


The inference being that the Freeman's offering might be a tad small at 15 11/16ths?


(most of the dozen violas on the tarisio.com files are under 40cm)


(Vuillaume violas 1859 @ 16 11/32 inches & 1842 @ 15 11/16 inches)


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I was looking through the results. Although there were quite a few unsolds (the stats would be interesting), it looks like they got a lot of the big stuff away. 


I thought they did well, but that's first impressions. Hope they cracked open a bottle or two at the end of it. Lot of work went into that sale by the looks of it.

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Which lots do readers suspect might hav been misattributed? 

This one is not misattributed but they simply don't know that Laberte bought the Derazey firm and used the labels on inferior quality violins. Justin Derazey violins are pretty good for what they cost, this violin is a Laberte workshop violin with a Justin Derazey price




Others I won't tell but those are also unsold, people are not stupid so it seems :)

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