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Up coming VSA meeting in Baltimore MD

Berl Mendenhall

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I'm making plans to attend the VSA meeting in Baltimore MD and was wondering if anyone else is going.  I'll have a couple of fiddles there and anyone is welcome to come by our room to look, play, and talk fiddles.  I'll be sharing a suite with Bruce Babbitt and Rod Mohr.  Bruce and Rod will have things as well.  It's a great time, so please feel free to visit and bring some of your work. 

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We're leaving tomorrow as Bruce is on the board and has to be there early for a meeting.  The invitation is still open, please come by.  The room is in Bruce Babbitt's name.  I will have two fiddles with me and there will be bows to try out fiddles, so if you are just curious, now's your chance to see if I'm just blowing my mouth or I actually can make a fiddle.  Don't hesitate to bring some of your work.    

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Mike Molnar, bring a fiddle or two.  You to Don Noon, if you are coming. ...  Next year is the biggie in Cleveland.


If it was nearby, I'd be there.  But it's not, and I've already maxed out my travel budget for the year (not to mention that my wife is in Australia, and I'm Mr. Mom for the duration).


Next year for sure.

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