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Discovering "Magister" Primers


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That's interesting.   I notice in the title it mentions saltpeter.   I've tried that and on some scraps of wood it looks good and others not so good.  

I have the same experience - but it is not only about saltpeter (KNO3). The team of Mrs.Michetschläger found more chemicals (KNO2, Ammonium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Potassium nitrate,...)  and some organic material.

In Koen´s primer is yellow colour and something another which turned wood to cinnamon tinge after UV tanning.


So, we should reading, doing experiments, discussing... -and should it be a professional discussion.

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yes, after reading the paper I get the idea that he prepared the solutions from various natural sources to it must have turned out to be a complex mixture.

He would have been making a product who's purpose is to quickly simulate natural age.  Seems like it must have worked well for that purpose.  

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