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My first cello.

Mikola Ptashnikoff

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1250 Watt 220 Volts heating element

very hot:) 5 minutes of work and near hour or more can't touch by hand, very hot.

now i make device for less power for heating element.I


I have a smaller iron bending iron for violin/vla which has two drilled holes.  In these are two 75-watt plug-heaters.   You might put two or three lightbulbs in series with it.


Water should lay on it and spread out and boil.   If a drop of water bounces off,  then it is too hot.  This is caused by a layer of steam that is produced very quickly and holds up the drop. 


As to wood.   I believe that "tonewood" is chosen for good appearance and grain.  Your pine boards may have too much rosin etc in them,  but when dry you may have something workable.  I have worked a lot of tonewood I did not like;  to tough and hard,  too soft,  etc.  Now I listen to the bandsaw and have a pretty good idea of what I want to use.


In the end,  you want to make a cello.  You have all you need to make one except a neck pattern.  Someone here ought to help you.  If you can work in slab wood,  you will find it easier when you DO get some quarter-sawn maple.

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 You have all you need to make one except a neck pattern.  Someone here ought to help you. 

I wish I was a cello maker (for the moment) :)   I would suggest emailing several cello makers at their websites, and include a link to this thread to show them you're serious and creative and you will get what you need.

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