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The secret, summarized in Haiku

Advocatus Diaboli

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Since there seem to be about a million threads about the Cremonese 'Secret', how about a different take?  Might be able to give all the debating the old flick, eh?  So why don't you wankers summarize your 'secret'(s) in Haiku(s)?!  I think it'll be bloody brilliant!  All ratbagging must also be of the same type.  Ok, go!

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Haiku- high schmoo, a real Cremona secret would hidden in Petrarchan Sonnet, stick that in your bonnet, Avocado Devil. 

Oh, right now I saw that Petrarchan sonnet is needed. Could a Shakespearian pass?


To make this liquid is simple; nothing but a trick

There are some basic stuffs you will need

The results, I trust, you will find quite chic

But listen to what I say and please take heed


Begin with good ground, fresh fat free cheese will do

Add slaked lime, quark and linsed oil -  puree well

To this add varnish layers, to thicken like a roux

Colophony, lime past and turpentine - taste and smell


And when your varnish is nearly done

There are some final garnish to add

Chilli paprika and rabbit urine - use a ton!

Now you've made your soup, and aren't you glad?


A homemade recipe is one's of life's true pleasures

Nothing less than a bowl of pure liquid treasures

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