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Today I am 60...

Craig Tucker

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I know there are older people that post here also.

But... who'd have thunk it?

If I wasn't married to THE most wonderful other half there ever was, I would probably be gone years ago. Of course, it took me four other practice marriages to get here. (It only took her three - but then again - she's much smarter than I am)

Thirty years on dialysis.

Some many violins and other instruments made...

But today, for perhaps the first time ever, I really do feel it. 60 years have gone by... Thirty-nine years, since I made my first violin.

Where does the time go?

Ahhh, who cares?

It's time to PARTY! (we're having lunch at my favorite (real) Mexican restaurant...)

Then, back to bed for an extended nap!

My thank to everyone here who communicates with me, and makes this a place to always come back to.

Craig Tucker

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Happy Birthday Craig !    Mexican is great if you can find the real thing.   Have a margarita or three and Enjoy !


My 54th will be comming up in August but I refuse to grow old gracefully.   I'm getting a crotchrocket motorcycle to celebrate !      :D

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- to everyone here - thanks for the good wishes.

May we all continue to post here, and interact with good cheer, and a thankful attitude that we're, in a very real manner, healthy and happy enough to simply be here, speaking and interacting.

I know that I am. Again, my thanks to all!

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Damn R.F. !

I see stormy clouds from far away, and a keen vision is there.

Did you, or your wife make this?

Yes, I see it. It's pretty damn cool.

Is this an internet thing?

In any case - me like.


Craig, this is a special birthday cake from Impressionist cookbook. On the bottom, layer of Van Gogh’s "Starry Night", in the middle layer of Monet’s "Water Lilies" and on top again Van Gogh, "Sunflowers". I ordered this cake especially for your 60th birthday to enjoy after delicious Mexican lunch.  :D

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