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I have been trying to subscribe to The Strad - at a discount -after I found out how  great the posters are (or were).  I am guessing they are no longer included in subscriptions.  And the posters are every expensive on this side of the pond, because they insist that they be insured, more or less, if you order more than two.  And they must use carrier pigeon, or maybe a  rare Amazon drone, as shipping is equal to the poster cost.  Too late, Strad already piqued my interest. :-(


I tried to subscribe for 2 years, but the web site never let me do this. So I called, and was able to get the advertised/discount rate for 2 years.  But a month later, they had a new "discount" - 10$ more per year, but included one of 4 books- Best of trade secrets 3, Master Class Solo (Violin or Cello), or In Focus... The code is MAY15E (it still works).  But one could not sign up for 2 years - I was hoping to get 2 freebies.  So I called again. 


Nothing doin' they said, in perfect Queen's English.  They gave me a new code to activate 2 years, near the rate of the first discount, not quite the older advertised discount for members of VSA, but close, and...the best part: they included volumes, 1, 2, *and* 3 of Trade Secrets.  Score!  They just arrived.  I have been reading the collected articles haphazardly, really quite the gold mine. 


Oh yes, the magic code: LUTHIER15AF


Hope it's OK to post these codes here; I am thinking it would be good to leave them here, and not repost elsewhere...:-)

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