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Help about my old violin


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Hello to everybody


I have an old violin and i would like to have some opinions about the maker. For the moment i want to have an insurance but i don't know the value of the violin because it has no label inside. I have already contacted with some violinmakers and i have send some  photos of my instrument and i am a little confused. One of them told me that it's Michelangelo Bergonzi, the second one told Giuseppe Dal Aglio and the third one Andrea Castagneri. Could somebody help me find out?

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Look at the other violin ID threads in the Pegbox section (you are in Fingerboard here, but usually the violin ID threads appear in Pegbox).  Here are some examples--http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/332760-help-with-violin-id/



You can see the sort of photos that are needed.  To get a real appraisal, you are going to have to take it into a real violin dealer, I would think, but people here can probably give you a good idea about what you have.  But post it in the Pegbox.


It is great to post images into your thread, but you don't have the requisite ten posts yet, so you should do what this guy did and link to an image-hosting site and put a link in your post. 



I'm looking forward to seeing it, though I won't be the guy to ID it...

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