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Group Build?

Dwight Brown

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For those with long fingers and deep pockets, still undecided, here are some reference points:


L&C $5,839 carbon-fibre: 


Jay Heide 

à l'ancienne $3,200.00 
à l'ancienne "Maggini" $3,400.00



No offence to above producers, but this viola is still undervalued.



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Would have loved to attend the conference, but ya can't always get what ya want..... also kinda sad to see this thread wind down. All good things come to an end....

My sincere thanks goes out to Dwight and all, talk about value added products!.... , I personally learned a tremendous amount,had a great time, working with and getting to better know you all, and, would do it again in a heart beat. Given the recent terrible events throughout the world, it's a genuine pleasure to work on a project that brings life, love, and joy, if even only a little, to the world. Enjoy Peter , and a hearty virtual handshake to you.

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I look old.....



My great and sincere thanks to everyone involved.  I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone involved and to the VSA for welcoming a harebrained guy from South Texas to participate in such a great shindig!   


I am forever in your debt guys, thank you for letting me help!  Onward and Upward!




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So? All told...was it a successful project? Did it raise enough money?

If you had it to do over...what would you change and why?

Just looking for concluding thoughts and input.


For my part I found the venture very successful.  The chance to work with the group of makers..some I knew and some I didn't...and the fact that we actually got done in time for VSA ....was very satisfying.  As for the $$, the price was very close to my original guesstimate.  I understand that this has expanded a bit.  Someone made up the difference and now we have endowed 4 - $1000 scholarships. 

If I were to do this again I would hope for a bit longer time line.


One further request.  A number of people,particularly students I work with, are going through the thread.  Is there a volunteer to edit the thread?  We should have just the pictures and building commentary  to use for teaching.  I have [finally] hired someone to fix my web site and I will include the Group build if I can.

on we go,


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