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Paganini with an operatic vibrato


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The video of Heifetz was the first thing that came to my mind also, but then again it's not the first time I've been reminded of that video. Her posture seems sort of off, and the vibrato seems a bit excessive and uncontrolled. Regardless, it works for her.

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What's wrong with the dress/top? It's rehearsal. ..there is a guy behind her in a muscle shirt...lol...

We should ask Ben Hebbert what violin she is playing...

Joking aside for a moment: I am not fond of her sound...but I have to give her credit for stepping outside of the box...

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She is a virtuoso without doubt.  Who among us would not be very thirlled to have her technical capabilities.  She just adopted a style and a vibrato that most of us find rather strange if not repulsive. 


On the other hand, does not the Heifetz video, accentuate how amazingly great he was? In mimicking bad playing, he shows his absolute control over his technique. 

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Yes, I was hoping Ben might pop by with some info on the fiddle which sounds fabulous.

I also noticed the guy in the sleeveless vest.

Whatever about casual rehearsal or recording session

I'm surprised that passed muster with the dress code police at the LSO.

And, yes, I think the distorted  vibrato is hideous.

Whatever teachers she may have had would hardly want to claim credit for it.

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Beauty is in the eye (ear) of the beerholder. I would find it difficult to listen to more than 30 secs without laughing, or just turning it off.



P.S. It gets even better (or is it worse?) in the next video of the series. (Watch until she plays Carmen Fantasy)


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So Ben does tell us it is a Guarneri del Gesu on loan from Florian Leonhard.


I wonder if a visitor from Mars went to the opera

and then this was the only recording of violin playing they had heard

would they presume this was the norm?

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