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Flame maple vs tiger maple - what is the difference?

Penelope the Duck

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this wood actually is?  I have been told that it's maple, Flame maple, and Tiger maple - so I'm guessing it is at least "maple"..  Are flame maple and tiger maple the same thing, in which case all three are correct?  Or is there a difference?


If there's a difference, which one does this look like and why?  When I google flame maple and tiger maple, they both look the same to me.  I'm not sure what differences I'm looking for.




Many thanks

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Am I the only one who thinks that looks like a trick of the paint job? It doesn't look right to me.

You probably haven't inspected the grain with enough magnification.  It's quite real, as well as truly magnificent [Turns slightly green with maple envy  :lol: ].

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Wow - thanks for all the great comments.  :D


To answer vathek's question - I don't know too much about the instrument - I have only just bought it.


The label says : 

Joannes Jais me fecit
Bulsani in Tyroli 17


But I am told this is fake.  The shop where I bought it said it was German, about 1850.  jacobsaunders and deans (on this forum) both agreed with that estimate too, saying it looks like a Vogtländische violin, mid 19th C.  The shop where I bought it had no further details.  My teacher looks at it like it's one of his beloved children and also agrees that this is probably all correct. 


I have some more photos of it here (low res, but showing different bits of it)  http://s296.photobucket.com/user/Penelope_the_Duck/slideshow/


I know next to nothing about violins and the wood used in them, but this does look to me like very unusual grains - there is a waviness to the lines which I've never seen before (in candlesticks, cheese boards and turned fruit bowls..). 


If I hold it up from one direction it looks quite dull, but from the other side it's quite stunning (well - I think so, but then it's my baby..  :wub:  )

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