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Davide Sora

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For those interested, I would like to report that I have completed the English translations of the notes that appear in my youtube videos.

I hope I have not made too many mistakes, given my lack of knowledge of the language grammar and specific violin making vocabulary, but if someone finds gross errors or fail to understand something, I would be glad to know to correct them (and finally learn something :) ).


This is the link to my youtube channel :




When you are watching a video you have to enlarge the window that is below the video by clicking "show more" ("mostra altro" in the italian youtube version) to see the translation with the indication of playing time in which the translated note appears.



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I love your videos and have downloaded all of them. So much help. Now I need to go and get the translation. Thank you so much for all your work.

kathy c in ky


I do not know if downloading the videos are uploaded also the translations, written in the window below, but I do not think so.

Probably you have to copy and paste them somewhere.

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Thank you Davide, your videos are an amazing resource for amateurs like me.

Will you upload the finishing process, like ground and varnishing?

Thanks a lot.


At the moment I have no plans to make videos on varnishing, because in my opinion it would be too long and complex to be able to make understandable videos that can be really useful on this subject.

I'm primarily using a technique with spirit varnish, which consists of many stages, very repetitive but also with many different nuances difficult to describe in a simple and direct way.

Also considering the length of time that I use to complete the varnishing a violin, I feel that would be an oversimplification that may result of little help.

Is certainly more useful to follow some specific topic here on Maestronet, listening to opinions arising from different experiences described in more weighted way.

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