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Around a month ago I happened to exchange emails with a Bulgarian dealer, which eventually led me to buying this viola bow for the price of 300 dollars. It is a German made bow and weighs ~70.5 grams. It is branded "Otto Paulus" (I suspect this label is fake though), and I believe the winding and mount are silver. It seems to be in almost mint condition, which makes me question whether it is really 25 years old, like he stated. Either way, it caught my eye. How did i do?












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This looks Chinese to me, or at least some very rapid mass-production.

Hard to be sure from the photos but the mounts seem to be nickel and the wood some kind of pseudo-pernambuco.

Definitely not any kind of Paulus ...

Thanks for the response. How would i determine whether it is faux or genuine pernambuco, and how would you determine whether the silver is real? I did some makeshift tests on the metal with a magnet, and the only part that stuck was the threaded portion of the screw (if that means anything at all). The metal also has a reflective quality to it but at about half the intensity of a sterling silver mounted bow that I am comparing it to. The metal seems fairly dirty though compared to the mirror like polish on the sterling mount.

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