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Guess the fiddle

~ Ben Conover

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Great photos.


It's a Strad copy or model, I assume, and a nice one.  I assume the antiquing is original. Can you tell us more about this Vuillaume?  The year?  How much involvement Vuillaume, himself, might have had in its making?  Where this fits in the spectrum of violins coming from the Vuillaume shop?

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Hiya Stephen,

The photo colour match is pretty accurate. 
It's not labelled but been in the family a long time, it's owner also has the Millant book on Vuillame.
On reading it I see that Vuillame and his assistants made many sorts of fiddles.   
The antiquing appears to be 100% original, very few 'new' marks on it.

Sorry I don't have more info or knowledge of it. 

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