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I am always on the look out for a better touching up system

somebody recommended me Irgazine ( sold by Kremer) as pigment.

However Kremenr indicates that is is also used to color stone, cars etc


Anybody has any routine with it

how to use it ?

it makes very nice shades , that's why I think it is worth the trouble to search.

Thank you in advance


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I have some irgazine pigment and did some experiments with it for a ground color. It is intense but I like it. I am working off of the Huberman poster and that has an intense ground color so I will keep experimenting. I would play around with it and maybe end up adding it to more earthy colors to bump them up a bit.

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Here's what Kremer says:


Because of growing concern about possible health hazards related to the use of cadmium pigments in the
coatings industry, chemical companies have long sought after a possible organic substitute.

This new line of DPP (which stands for Di-Keto-Pyrrolo-Pyrrol) pigments fits the ticket in the red spectrum,
being much more opaque than other organic pigments and having at the same time excellent light-fastness
and stability in all binders.

Except for 23179 Scarlet DPP, which is slightly granular and has to be broken in the mixing process, all are
easy to mix and produce a brilliant, smooth paste that readily accepts any fillers or extenders.

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Well thank you for your answers.

I also get from Kremer some Irgazin gelb, grünstichig.

I find that by mixing these colors you can get great results. what the shades are concerned

I was just concerned about how hard the stuff is.

I reckon that I should use it more sparingly and make more thinner  coats

If anybody has more info or more experience I woud be pleased to hear it.

Thank you for now


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