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I asked for a condition report on this instrument, since it seems to have some very serious repairs (and more). I received this reply, which seems to lack a certain level of engagement ...


This instrument has multiple repairs very well done and in solid condition. All important parts are original, including most of the varnish.
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Is the authenticity of that Amati questionable?


Anyway, what about this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-antique-violin-label-Carlo-BERGONZI-1733-Italian-/161606430573

Where does this violin come from? Mirecourt? Judging by some of the seller's feedback, even China cannot be excluded :)

Re Dom Nicolo Amati - no, don't think so, just the relationship between price and condition, and the lack of information forthcoming about the latter ....


As for frcfra2011's latest offering, at first glance it seems to be genuinely old, though I wouldn't put it past this seller to take a chisel to the varnish. Judging by past performance, it's more likely a heavily distressed new Chinese instrument.

This excessive rolled edgework is a surprisingly common feature of his/her offerings, and to be honest it's not something I've ever seen outside of Ebay! Maybe some Czech trade stuff, and a few overdone Caussin School things, but not to this extent, where the tables seem to disappear inside the frame of the edgework .... truly horrible.

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Back to the old Münchner Italian, a.k.a. Giuseppe Fiorini:

Too cheap for a real thing, sure, but at the same time too expensive for a Chinese fake, I guess? So what kind of fake was that?

BTW, I don't think that the buyer is going to be too excited by the saddle crack (barely visible in the pictures, unmentioned in the description), which is so close to the sound post... Unless it is faked as well, that is :)

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I'm new here and could have more constructive contributions to the forum, but I can't resist.
Actually, I have a short list of, umm...ambitious ebay "antique dealers" hoping for a fool & his money. Embarrassed to admit how much of my time I waste on them.

Anyone care to make an offer on this "1873 Nicolas Vuillaume"? Didn't he die in 1872?

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(to keep from cluttering up the board with new threads)

there are a number of things about this listing that look rather fraudulent to me
•horribly misspelled listing title "VERRY GOOD FRENCH VIOLIN 4/4 ALBERT DEBAYE annee 1926"

•Item location is shown to be in Belleview, Florida; yet, lost in translation wire transfer payment instructions
•a label placed on the right hand side, right under the soundpost position:
• for an instrument purportedly made in 1926, if by some lapse of intellect, the workshop placed the label there; the obvious lack of wear or damage from 89 years of soundpost adjustments seems highly suspect.    

•furthermore, the seller's ID is associated with a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cordesaisons/636542123111005) giving an address at Villeneuve-Lès-Béziers.
Are they located in Languedoc-Roussillon, or Florida?
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