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Regarding the Nickolich I have to say it's a nice touch to have updated the label from 20th to 21st century which would seem like something a maker might do to use up their old labels.

... i.e. something that may support the 'credibility' of the listing and the seller in general, right? ;-) Perhaps he knows it?

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No carpet here but as we are looking at ebay ...is this a bargain Roth or not what it's 'cracked' up to be?


Well, the 'Stradivarius reproduction' label does look genuine to me :) Other than that.. an absolutely stunning example of a sound post crack, that's for sure!

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I think it's best to consider Oskar E (or C) Meinel as a trade name - is the connection with the Roth shop established or just based on a similarity of labelling and branding?

Anyway, a nice early 1900s Markneukirchen violin with its (probably original) Caspari-type pegs - the crack in the table is a bit unsightly, but the price seems reasonable, assuming it's already patched on the inside.

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Here's yet another example. He's been doing this for several years to my knowledge. What astounds me are the prices he's getting for junk. Who was it that said "there's a fool born every minute"?



I think that he often buys the 'junk' himself: Let's take the $899 bid (very telling..) by "e***vs.gif( 6 )" as an example.. That account probably already bought six 'carpet violins' (can you imagine that? :blink:)

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This is not a carpet violin, not even a half-carpet one (also the strings are Evah Pirazzi rather than Tonica). But IMO, it somehow fits this thread... or not :-?


Pity that the seller won't tell us who is bidding :(

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