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I do not bid on post WW2 (nor usually, interwar period) material for reasons given before, but neither do I condemn it out of hand.  I simply avoid it because I have no way to evaluate it.  During the 1930's, they all started to look alike, and after WW2 many European luthiers were trading violins for whatever they could get.  Craftsmanship went in the dumpster all over the place.  There was an American importer scurrying around Italy after the war and into the 1960's, buying violins at ridiculously low prices.  For all I know this is one of them, but how you would tell it from a relabeled trade violin if it was is a mystery to me.


OTOH, the bid history here is very suspicious.  I wouldn't touch this item with a 4000 meter laser ranging beam.

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So...uh...how would you go about proving that there is no "sonorous rich Italian Soprano voice" "ease of frases" or "sinful voluptuousness"... ?  I suspect the buyer will have to prove all of that when he or she is trying to return it against the "no returns" policy of the seller. 


I don't think it looks very Italian or very much of anything.  I don't really know, but I kind of know.  It's not very pretty.

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Not Italian, cheapish Markneukirchen or Luby with a rather alarming saddle crack heading for the soundpost ...

It's worth bearing in mind that very very few Italian c20 makers indulged in any kind of antique-ing, and I've yet to see a fake graft in anything other than a Saxon or Mk/Sch violin.

Very uninspiring looking instrument, but with that kind of sound .... oh boy! Sounds like a one in a million  :D

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Now be nice!  The belly and corner closeups compare very favorably with my favorite $50.00 Chinese, which has a very sweet sound now that it's aged and all  :) .The back and ribs are also very similar, though the back of mine hasn't had anyone's car keys dragged across it.   :ph34r:

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It looks like there are four different user names (at least) that this seller uses.  While not identical, the listings are all similar, including the carpet backgrounds in the photos.









The multiple user names is a dead giveaway for me that a seller does not want to be identified with his merchandise.



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I'm fairly certain I've visited this guy, has to be more than 10 years ago back on the east coast. I believe he had viola that I  thought was interesting, I emailed him and it turned out that he lived close by.  He showed me several German violins that he stated were revarnished by a friend of his back in Europe somewhere. Nice enough guy who just struck me as another one of the many eccentric guys that you run into who have houses full of flea market violins that he's convinced are rare and valuable.


Usually these guys are harmless but over the years patterns of multiple IDs, relisted items that "sold" earlier, suspicious bidders with hidden IDs, and the same revarnished German violins, all lead to the conclusion that he isn't just the usual kooky violin guy. And yes the furniture is still the same.

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Just when you feel you've flipping seen it all................ :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  Maybe there's a decimal point error?

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Maybe there's a decimal point error?

Or perhaps a brain error? Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of the eBay sellers..


Anyway, let's stick to carpet-background violins: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VERY-IMPORTANT-CONTEMPORARY-EUROPEAN-MASTER-VIOLIN-/141588857010?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20f75a80b2

Certainly a very nice instrument, but can we believe that it is what it pretends to be?

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