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Celtic Harp Emblin on Stradiuarius Violin


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You've chosen to post this in an odd spot in these forums, an area reserved for news about the site itself.  "The Pegbox" is the usual place to post instruments for attribution, which is what you are doing.  Labels inside violins are often misleading or confusing, and the best way to determine when, where, and by whom an instrument was made (short of holding it in your hands) is to post images of it.  If you go over to the Pegbox, you can find various examples of people having posted images of their instruments for attribution and that can give you an idea about what views are useful and what sort of quality the images need to be.  Because you have not gotten to the requisite 10 posts to post images directly, you will need to post them on a photo-sharing website, and add links to the images in your post here.  Maybe when you get your images together, just start a new thread on the Pegbox. 


Cheers, Paul

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