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Words which I like

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Following on from Roger's excellent post in the "Words that bother me" thread, I would like to go ahead and open a thread for people to post words and phrases which they actually like!  :)  We could not have chosen a better word to begin with than Roger's suggestion of "tolerance".


To this I would like to add my own favourite word, "benign," which has always had connotations of wisdom (to my eyes and ears), and seems to express a certain gentleness, respect and courtesy.


My other favourite words are "borborygmus" (the scientific name for stomach rumbles :) ) and its plural, "borborygmi"; and "hypnagogia," which are the strange little sights and sounds which you see and hear when you are just on the point of falling asleep...


Please feel free to add any of your favourite words - it would be very nice to hear from you!





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And I like (many) words also.

In fact - words are my favorite, my very favorite things, to play with.

I like talking and talking in public, using words, which I have taken up with regard to several things;

 - one of which is the subject of dialysis, which I have spoken of to several years of medical classes, as a 'patient' who has so much experience with it, that (married to a dialysis nurse for twelve years - who then died of Lupus, and then, currently married to a ten year dialysis tech... and being a dialysis patient for the last thirty years) well, I am or have become, a sort of vocal self-realized expert in the field.

So I have become used to speaking in public and using many self chosen words to become successful (even popular) locally, as a spokesman for this thing, dialysis...

I find that the fact of speaking, and showing up at various functions to speak, and to answer questions, and to promote the idea that this is a great, and in the least, an adventurous field for student nurses to move into - that I have become comfortable using a whole bunch of medical terms (which I won't bother enumerating here) in my daily discourse with the various medical and with greeting and welcoming new patients into the dialysis field - which, usually, they are thinking is simply yet another medical thing that they have to go thru and are not yet aware that this is what they'll be doing every other day for the rest of their lives....

Strange huh?

But that's life.

Then there's the world of violin making, which I have been involved with for the last thirty years also.

It's odd thinking that it's been that long now.

And the use of 'specialized terms' has come into play in this field also.

Since I fancy myself a "wordsmith" of sorts, most of the words used here don't bother me in the least. I see where they are used correctly, and where they are used either incorrectly or strugglingly (sp?) and strive to either conceptualize what the particular participant is attempting to say, or, I simply give it up to grammatical confusion of sorts.


So with regard to lutherie, what words do I particularly like?

I like the word "plate".

A plate is something basic, that we all make eventually, that is central to our collective pursuit.

Then there's the word "thickness". Ahh. what a word! And what an occupation! Thicknessing wood. Thickness as a concept... Changing thickness, and all the rest.

'Standard' is another favorite of mine. Standards are great when you finally realize what the standards for you, for the various thing that you do in your life - yes, 'standard' or 'standards' is another great concept and word for something that I value with a great deal of inspection and study.

It is a or the "standard" way.


That's three isn't it?

 Well I guess that's enough for now.

Yes, I like 'words' in general - when they're used grammatically correct, and with surety, or when they're offered offhand, or even with a gruff or negative emphasis behind them. Give me words and I'll write you a paragraph about my life and what is happening in it. Read it if you care to, and answer it if it is enticing to you in any aspect.

Yes words make me who I am, and let you see me as I am, and let me talk to you- right here, right now.

Amazing, isn't it? 

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Not "MMMMMM3?"

I love the rangefinders very much.  But Leicaflex just roles off my tongue.  One of my cats is named Leica and she usually gets called Leicaflex or just flex.  No such thing anymore.  Digital cameras are just fine and do very good work, but it is a little like all the musical instruments you grew up with,learned to play and worked to understand have all been replaced with virtual computer instruments.  I guess I am getting old.

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Single words don't do much for me one way or another, but every once in a while a string of them comes along with an enchanting effect:  "brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water"

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Tintinnabulation - a favorite also (invented by Edgar Allan Poe).  Seemed musical to me, even when forced to read it in ..11th grade?  Or was it 9th?  But I saw Jeffrey Combs recite "The Bells" along with "The Raven" a few years ago which was easily the *best* poetry reading I have ever heard. Definitely musical.  Stunned silence and huge applause after "The Bells;" it seemed that most in the audience were unfamiliar with that poem. He played Wayoun (a Vortan, Star Trek DS9) and Shran (a blue Andorian, Star Trek: Enterprise) amongst other Star Trek characters, and sf characters. 

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Single words don't do much for me one way or another, but every once in a while a string of them comes along with an enchanting effect:  "brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water"



There you go!


Simple words construed to impart a great, meaningful... yes enchanting message.

Very simple.

Very concise, ahh words!


You go Will!

You've got the idea right. Any words can be arranged in any combination to impart anything - well. 

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