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Stephane Grappelli Violin Case


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Hello everyone!


I have a little question… Last year I came across a violin case at a local antique shop. It's sign painted 'The Hot Club Of France' with the name 'S. Grappelly'. It looked interesting, I vaguely knew the name and had been looking for cheap violin case, so I bought it.


​So, I did a little more research about obviously read up on the Hot Club of France and Stephane Grappelli. All this got me thinking about the possibility that the case used to belong to him. The case does look of the right age, and after doing some reading I know that Stephane Grappelli used to spell his name with a Y, not an I. I know it's a long shot, but I thought it would be worth getting it looked at.


So, can anyone offer any advice as to how I can get this looked at? Or could anyone offer any more information?

No one has been able to help me so far. I saw this forum and thought I may be able to get an answer!


Photo here -





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