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Classical Guitar Repair in Westchester/NYC?


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I've been MIA on the forums for three years (house-married-baby!), and have unfortunately popped up for a personal favor.  I usually rely on myself for instrument repairs, but I can't get myself to work on my mother's classical guitar, which is my personal guitar.  I am very comfortable with violin work, and just completed some guitar work, but I'd really prefer that someone else do this task for me.


Can anyone recommend a great classical guitar repair person in Westchester/Eastchester/NYC?  I've looked at local shops, and I can't sift through all of the recommendations.  I've viewed photographs of repairs, and to be honest, I've been disappointed with what I've seen.  I need a real classical guitar repair expert that will leave the guitar looking untouched.  The neck needs to be reset, fingerboard planed and refretted, and back seperation repaired.


Thanks for your help, and sorry for a non-violin topic!  Please PM me if you are uncomfortable making a recommendation openly.

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A quick search offers this: http://www.guitarspecialist.com/    --But I have no firsthand knowledge, living as I do at the opposite end of the country.


But you will probably receive more informed responses if you post an inquiry here:  http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/


And congratulations on the baby! Everything changes, doesn't it? After three of them, my attention span shrank to zero. It took me several years to get back into playing! (--A new viola rather than a fourth baby cured that!)

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