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Dear The Strad;


I am enjoying reading your lovely magazine.  I like the articles, photos and the ads.


I pay a premium and buy mine at the local bookstore.  They are nice enough to hold a copy for me, and phone me when it gets in.


I was very disappointed when I purchased the December issue (late in December...we don't seem to get our copies in until a month after the rest of the world) to find no calendar was in it this year!  So instead of another lovely violin-themed calendar for my music room (like the one I hugely enjoyed during 2014) I sadly went and purchased a totally different wall calendar.  I had to put another hook in the wall to accommodate it too.  I hate putting holes in walls.


Lo and behold!  Yesterday I picked up my January edition of  The Strad.  And guess what?  Silly question, because I know you know.  The 2015 Calendar was in it! 


Now I have a dilemma!  I have lost a month.  I have another calendar in place.  I have an extra hole in my wall!  What to do?


While I am debating my course of action I have a suggestion.


Please - if you would be so kind - put the lovely calendar insert in the DECEMBER issue.  Then, even for those of us who purchase our copy  late from the bookstore...we would still get it BEFORE the actual start of the New Year.  This would save us disappointment, the purchase cost of extraneous wall calendars and unwanted holes in walls.


Thank you for your time;




Fan of the Commonwealth out in the Commonwealth Boonies



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