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Keeping Paganini close to your heart...


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And now for something different!  (I think).
Like so many...I am fascinated by the Paganini story...
And so, in my ramblings...I come across this example of a fancy violin, which I also haven't rambled across before...


In addition to wondering what it is...if anything 'special'...I am entertained by the seller's description:

Instrument appears to be in visibly worn & used condition with visible deeper scratches, lacquer loss, green grime visible, discoloration, visible dirt and dust inside, wear & dryness and other wear issues as visibly shown in pictures. As shown there ARE visible cracks and dings. ... Case is in heavily worn, damaged used condition- as shown. Both instrument and case do emit a foul musty odor.

 Seriously though...it does look like it was heavily played, so I assume it sounds good...which makes me wonder if it truly is anything out of the ordinary...




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Common problem. First get a new case. Then clean the outside and throw the strings out. Rice or salt on the inside. Most of the smell will fade away after a good cleaning. But you can usually tell when it's going to rain... A bit of the scent comes back with high humidity.

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Set aside the case. Take the violin to an aromatic violin repair shop with a great backlog of repair work and leave it there for a couple of years. Bring the repaired instrument home and put in a cheap new case that's been doused with Violin eau de parfum (from Sound of Cremona, Italy). Insert clothes drier anti-wrinkle sheets part way into the sound holes. After a few weeks, remove drier sheets, add a cheap carbon fiber bow and block of rosin. 


Then, donate the assembly to a local charity auction, and claim as tax write-off value the sum of what you've put into it.


Add potting soil to the discarded case, and plant night-blooming jasmine. Stay up late and listen to Alfredo Campoli's Mozart recordings.

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