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puns are the lowest form of humor


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Let me refer participants in this discussion to "A Visit To The Asylum For Aged And Decayed Punsters", Oliver Wendell Holmes' description of the ultimate fate of persons in thrall to this form of wordplay. His picture of the seriousness of long-term addiction should be a warning especially to those of us who find ourselves somehow in a state threatening age and decay. QED, as Roman punsters no doubt said.


He also said: "We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing".

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Personally, I've always considered great art, great literature, great poetry as either something that flows effortlessly, or something that is so suscinct that I am amazed that a few brush strokes, a paragraph, or a stanza is so profound that I just sit and stare, and mumble "wow" over and over... Because it would take me a hundred brush strokes, or a hundred words to come even close to what was said or done... if I could come even close.

This pencil portrait is just a few strokes, but full of emotion. It's a wow, and I don't even like modern art. :)

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That's Roger and me in the box.


That was a long time ago, you were much younger...




... Because it would take me a hundred words to come even close to what was said or done... if I could come even close.



Well, you know how it goes: "More words, more puns"... :D

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At the risk of getting Craigs dander up, I have to say my favorite cubist pictures are by Juan Gris and Braque, not Picasso or Duchamp. 


Food fight? 

No risk there Stephen.

My dander got shaved off long ago.

Everyone has their favorites and many of mine are from a time long past.

Picasso was the artist I wasn't going to mention, but since you have I will also.

He's not bad at all and so I did not want to dismiss him or his art - but his cubism -to me - is much more primitive than Duchamps.

The reason why I brought Dali into the mix is that - regardless of the veritable mountain of crap he produced, when he got serious, some of his oils were verging on photo realism...

Far from cubism, I know but there you go.

And no one has mentioned Tanguy further yet. He was another artist that went in a slightly different direction back then.

OK, abstract, but sometimes very concrete also.

One weak point about many artists from that era, is that many of them never got beyond what they did that was acceptable in the realm of surrealism, cubism, or simply their brand of abstract.

Renaissance artists, in a very real manner of speaking they are not - I will agree. But oh well, a different time and different things manifest themselves for us to contemplate.

Any time you want to talk art don't worry about my dander.

My dander is long gone (along with most of my hair, I'm afraid)

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