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puns are the lowest form of humor


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Craig and Carlo, are you suggesting DADA is a PUN<_< 


Actually it could be… :D 




Yes, Dada could very well be a pun today.


Although, in it's day it (my dada) was the further-est thing from it.

Those guys were as serious as could be.

And many of the great artists of the day were either in it, or almost (dali...) in it.


Yes, it (Dada) easily could be a pun today.

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Nude Descending a Staircase,


one of my very, all time, favorites.


I see a black bikini bottom there....


Craig and Carlo, are you suggesting DADA is a PUN<_< 



But of course - In A Gad dada Vida =  Duchamp making art of Jasper John's while listening to Iron Butterfly .... well, feel free to ignore me, I've reached an all time low....Sorry Jeffrey, please forgive me...delete this post if you'd like...

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There was an artist who built himself a log cabin. Understandably he built his outside toilet a considerable way off to the east. Unfortunately the wind kept changing direction, so he built another way off to the west. His name was 'Two-loos-long-trek'.

As a child, my all time fav was:


He who farts in church sits in his own pew.

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But when comes to art, Marcel was duh Champ! 

Yes, Marcel is a Champ…


No wonder all seriously mad threads here, sooner or later led towards Champ de Mars(el).


Otherwise, an interesting company could be found here:


A lot of new names, good material for new puns…

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Here is a website where you can play chess with a computer that is programmed with Duchamps game history. The programmer looked at 70 of Duchamps games as a grand master and used it to model as best he could how Duchamp would play, if he were a chess program. 


I played it a few times and got quite far, but the program is fairly strong. Not Kasparov strong, but strong enough, maybe like Alekhine, Reti, Capabanca or Lasker era strength and strategy, but enough to kick your butt. It's a good time, try it. It's like playing a player who thinks chess is an art not blood sport. 




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Marcel du Champs was a serious chess player all his life and has played many strong famous chess players but he was never a grandmaster... He was a strong master with a career best rating of about 2400.   There are (were) many celebrities that played chess seriously but in order to become a grandmaster it usually requires a complete dedication to the game at the exculsion of all else.  Not all artists are chess players but Marcel considered (serious) chess players to be artistic in the complex combinational interplay of the chess pieces.

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Who is this Rorschach guy and why is he always painting pictures of my Parents fighting? 



in all seriousness, the sense of low humor of this thread aside, I am happy that Duchamp has risen as a subject in this discussion. His take on "cubism" has always been a great inspiration for me, as an artist.

What a great sense of space - color - and technique this man had. His cubism always has a sense of solidity - three dimensionalism, that many other cubists has missed as a feature of their cubism. No names mentioned here, because i have no desire to negate other artists and their contributions to the genre - which are many and great.

Back when I was a great and singular dali fan, (in the main) and a surrealist of sorts myself, I had a great admiration for Duchamp ( - and Yves Tanguy...) 

Ahh yes, those were the days.

Just saying...

That they even appear in these threads, makes me wonder how many of us here have a history with them?

Puns aside for a moment.

Great artists are there for us to comment upon their works today. 

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Let me refer participants in this discussion to "A Visit To The Asylum For Aged And Decayed Punsters", Oliver Wendell Holmes' description of the ultimate fate of persons in thrall to this form of wordplay. His picture of the seriousness of long-term addiction should be a warning especially to those of us who find ourselves somehow in a state threatening age and decay. QED, as Roman punsters no doubt said.

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Here is a Jasper Johns I was looking at a few years ago and posted on my Facebook page. It has a landscape feeling and reflections on water look. The Flags he became famous for usually don't hold my interest, but lots of later things do. 


I remember this one well, but the flags were a stroke of genius. 

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