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A different type of performing


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This is definitely something different than what Im used to seeing from Chamber orchestras. What do you think? This is how I would imagine it would look if Joshua Bell and Lindsey Stirling came together, made a few clones of themselves, and formed an orchestra. (I'm not against this type of chamber orchestra performance though. Whatever works to sell tickets I suppose. :) )



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Personally I think it greatly detracts from the music.


Absolutely. I wouldn't personally pay to see such a performance - however, as I said, I'm not against this type of performance because if it sells tickets, those who might enjoy it can go watch it. I'd rather pay to see someone play the violin though. Not prance around like a hyperactive flamingo.

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Well why not? I'd go! Every performance can't/shouldn't be staid and stuffy. Music has to be fun...and it's fun music. ..

I have no issue sitting motionless during a classical music performance...but I can see why it's not a big draw for the population at large.

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That is truly wonderful!  I've become overly bored with watching staid and stuffy classical recitals where the performers do nothing but play the music, and the audience does nothing - not even cough - stuck in their chairs.


I have come to appreciate performers who play in the Baroque style - they don't sit, but stand and move with the music they're playing.  It is so very obvious that they are enjoying their playing.  This style is a good mix of stage acting and musical performance, and possibly the beginnings of a new genre.

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