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Kate Mohr

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Perhaps you could post on this forum:



That's no joke. Having a bow by Otto Wunderlich, I stumbled across a post on a genealogy forum asking for information about him. I responded, saying that I knew he sold bows, and made violins. I ended up receiving a lot of history, including photos of him as a young man in Amsterdam, of his shop in Moscow, and possibly in Markneukirchen, with some showing him working at his bench. And finally, a photo of him and his wife on a ship, en route to New York, where they stayed. And I learned that he almost certainly didn't make bows. Prominent makers in Germany made them for him, though.

Not a relative, of course, but you never know where such a query might lead.

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Completely agree. I posted the link seriously, I thought she (Kate) were very lucky there were a genealogy forum specially dedicated to the Mohr surname. 

Didn't think you made it in jest.  Just meant it's not at all a bad idea.  I once posted on a forum asking about some ancestors around Bergen, and someone volunteered to do a bit of research at the university there.  Turned out I was related to his wife! So, surprises abound.

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Ummm... Wasn't that his wife's hair, and she revenged herself for his earlier slapping by not giving it to him?  If  Gunnarr had had a yummy mane like Fabio, he maybe could have fixed his cut bowstring, but he was doomed anyway  :P


Besides being a hunk and a half, Fabio Lanzoni is notable as being the only person I know of who ever suffered a bird strike (and a Canada goose at that) while riding a roller coaster.  :lol:



The amount of knowledge you have memorized about Sig. Fabio is truly concerning.  Have you seen a doctor about this? Have you had any head truama you can remember in the recent past? 

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Kate , you know that he´s listed in the Grünke /Schmidt book about german bow makers vol. II p.86 with some biographical information and pictures of a bow?

Best regards Mat


That's where I first heard about him. Unfortunately he was only 31 when he died, it does have a few pictures of bows but no picture of him. I wanted to find a portrait to hang on our wall next to Dodd and other bow makers that line the staircase. I don't think it mentioned the number of bows he made so I'm curious to how few there are out there.

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