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Where to Buy BAM violin cases in Lyon, France


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Check with Alexandre Snitkovsky 11 pl. Tobie Robatel 69001 Lyon Tél. : 04 78 29 16 15 Mail : contact@snitkovski.com http://www.snitkovski.fr/


He's an old friend so I'm plugging his business, although he's very much a restorer/dealer in high end instruments. He's always sold me cases at very good prices, though usually the fancier Riboni and Musafia stuff. He should have some BAM cases in stock, though.


If he doesn't, the shop that should have the biggest accessories stock in Lyon is Accord Lutherie, the folks who took over J.F.Schmitt's "general" business several years ago. (Schmitt had semi-retired to take care of high end stuff only shortly before he passed away) http://www.accord-lutherie.fr/

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BAM is made in France, why not just contact them via email and ask where to buy their product?  I don't know anything about global finance, but I'll bet by the time you pay the VAT you could buy the case cheaper here in the U.S.   Even if I'm wrong, you could take satisfaction from supporting local American business and not having to carry the thing thru customs

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Well, personally, if I were going on a shopping spree in Lyon, I'd be buying Côte du Rhone wine, saucisson à cuire, and St. Marcellin cheese...but if Vlngirl wants to do some shopping there and bring back something that won't get confiscated (like the wine, meat and cheese) why not? Lyonnais violinmakers need patronage, too! 


Seriously, though, asovcl may be right about final cost. What model are you thinking of getting? Personally, I'm not that high on BAM cases, although I have the "rucksack" model for running around Paris on my motorbike, and I find the mini "airplane" case kind of neat. You should check prices and availability of the model you want. It may well be cheaper at your local violin shop.

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Thanks guys! I am looking at getting the High Tech Oblong case. I was in Paris earlier this year and looked for cases there and the price was about $200 cheaper (after the exchange rate) than buying in the US. I only really figured that out after I got back.... so that's why I want to use this opportunity to look for it again.


I will write to the shops you guys suggested and see what they have!


Thank you!! :)

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