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Lincoln Center's Beaumont theater in a Dumpster - Free Stuff 11/16/14


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Dumpster alert - Dumpster Alert


Lincoln Center's famous Vivian Beaumont Theater is being renovated and there's a dumpster full of historic chairs/cushions and such just waiting to be claimed by an enterprising MNer. As I type this, there's a large dumpster on 65th street between Amsterdam and Broadway sitting there full of authentic Lincoln Center chairs/cushions and other oddities. Just imaging how much flatulance was filtered through these cushions! Which famous asses might have sat in these?


One day these will be worth something, they might even be worth cash money today to the right collector.  If anyone MUST have one of these, post here or send me a emssage and I might be able to snag one for you.


So, what say you MN? Is this a dumpster worth diving into?


Should I snag one numbered cushion for prosperity?





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