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VMAAI 2014

Don Noon

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The recording equipment is equalizing the sounds so they all sound pleasant, but nr. 3 seems to stand out,, this is also shown in a spectrum?





Forgot to post my vote (included in the table http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/331344-vmaai-2014/page-2#entry648864)



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I liked 1 and then 4.  Is that first note an open G?  That is a terrible note on all of them.  Should be outlawed.  From that it seems that much of the sound is the player.  But 1 and 4 seemed richer to me in the low to mid range, and not as harsh at the high end.  But they were pretty similar.


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I don't know if my ear counts whatsoever:


3,4,2 and then 1


And I didn't get "it" the first go around...(er, that all four were in the same file)...so I listened three times...and once I made my ranking...only THEN did I look at everyone else's answers...lol...


Didn't want to be biased...


...and this is on my laptop...no special speakers of any kind...

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I'm with 1 and 4 as being most like what I hear in "old master" recordings. In listening to the file looping over and over while I went about household activities, #1 seems to carry the strongest message through distracting noise. It has a wiry buzz with a strong 2K resonance and a relatively low mid range.


#3 is the loudest overall in this presentation, but fairly even over the frequency range, so not as "singing" to me despite its many beauties. 


I'd like to hear the whole concerto with these instruments. Not interested to pick favorites, but to hear the possibilities of each instrument.

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3,2, 4,1


It seems that #3 has the most first picks from the esteemed audience.


I like all of them.  #3 seems to have the best midrange emphasis for that woody sound on the lower strings.   They all sound great except for the last note which on 4 and 1 has a squeaky shrill aspect to it and a lack of body. It could just be the strings.  Do they all have the same string set?

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There is neither equalization nor automatic level adjustment.  


What I ment was that the recording equipment is adjusted to record violins, so that they sound pleasant. If one would be there and record at the same time with for example an Ipad they would not sound as pleasant.

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3-4-1-2 for me.


3 was notable in the distinctive lack of "plink" in the inital attack of each note (sudden, hard finger drop to stop the previous note from vibrating followed by a release of pressure to intonate the next note.) Not sure if this was due in this case to the player's technique. Was it the same player each time?


1 and 4 seemed to have a much sharper high end. Maybe they would project better in a large venue.


2 had a very annoying attack to me and very audible plink as the previous note was stopped and the next note started. Might not be an issue for a larger venue whare thay sound probably won't project very far.

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My preference order was: 1, 4, 2, 3

1- deep, little dark for my taste but very clean, and well balance.

2- G and D similar to 1 but much weaker on the A.

3- hard to play on G and D brightest on A and E.

4- deep and well balance, but somewhat less volume.

Played on cellphone with headphones.

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