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Ahh. I put strings on the viola yesterday. Just a rough set up. The purfling isn't even in yet. My neck projection is way off. I was drew it all up. I used the Goldblatt cheatsheet. It seemed like a 29 projection, so 17 with just the neck would work. I was at 30, but now it is 27.5. The strings are ridiculously high. About 9 with the bridge at 39. The top of the nut is still a little above the lined of the top. The eye of the scroll is still even with the back. The fingerboard is just too low.

The arching on the belly is bulbous. But looks even more so now,

It seems like the projection, if you want a 39-40 mm bridge would be more like 35-35, not 30 mm. Is 300mm projection right?

The string angle is less than I thought. I was thinking 156.5, and it is more like 157.5 degrees. 

Anyway, that is something I'll have to deal with later. I still need purfling!

But I did take measurements of tapping on the bridge, and a glissando on the c string. The setup is crude, The bridge is too thick, and the viola isn't even finished.  Here are the charts, the tap, then the glissando, The 172 is in both. What mode is that? 









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Continuing on in the carving an instrument from tapping on it. I have an archtop guitar started that is a morph of a Stauffer regular guitar, and Terz guitar, that creates a natural cutaway. So the entire outline is asymmetric. The  belly was already almost done, but it was tuned using the method, and it worked. It was done from the inside with diagonal arches, and then cross arches. The tuning can ALSO be done by SEEING high spots, or FEELING high spots, and then confirming by tapping.  But tapping reveals spots that you didn't see, or feel, but you CAN see or feel them, when you know that they are there.

So for the back, I just did it from the outside. It came out just like a violin back. A radius for the long arch; so it is only has height in the middle. It's about a 23mm? arch (It was a 1" board) and is 15 1/4" wide. I'm making a plane now to rough the inside out easily. Osage Orange sole, that is 1.0 sg. The A9 blade that is short; but 7/32" thick!  






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