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Lady Jeanne Strad 1731


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Very simple, DaVinci - George Craske made a lot of violins or violin parts, but seldom finished them and seldom sold them. He died in 1888 and his estate passed to his only friend, George Crompton who  - in turn sold the instruments to W.E. Hill & Sons. At best they refitted them, and others were built out of parts. I think that this was an enormous benefit for Hills given taxation at the time, because they were able to sell hundreds of "new" instruments as "second hand". Come what may, Craske never made instruments for Hills, and the minimum basic requirement of knowledge expected for a London dealer should be enough to be aware of this. I've attached a typical label for a Craske sold through Hills (although its the only "special" I've ever seen. Violins that he sold himself tend to have fairly unconvincing Strad (or otherwise Italian) labels in them. I think in fairness, one deduces that J&AB have put over-reliance in an administrator to deal with web and social media leading to a few blunders that are nothing other than amusing.




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