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VSA how-to for someone new?

Andrew Song

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Howdy folks,


I wanted to attend the VSA this year for the first time, mostly as a player wanting to try the competition instruments as well as the 'side room' I hear they usually have set up. Reading the VSA website makes me confused about how I'm supposed to do this, though. Do I need to officially register for the convention if I'm there to play instruments? Will I actually need to be there for all of the days?


The tentative schedule suggests the bulk of the time during the first few days will be judging, vendors, and seminars. Given what I want to do, should I focus my time around the "Exhibitor Hall" times? And are people really going to stick around from 11pm to midnight on Saturday for "Instrument and bow check-out"?


Any suggestions would be welcome!

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There is info. here: https://vsa.memberclicks.net/index.php?option=com_mc&view=formlogin&form=159751&return=L2luZGV4LnBocD9vcHRpb249Y29tX21jJnZpZXc9bWMmbWNpZD1mb3JtXzE1OTc1MT9zZXJ2SWQ9MzcxMiZvcHRpb249Y29tX21jJnZpZXc9bWMmbWNpZD1mb3JtXzE1OTc1MQ==


It says you can register for one day... but if you want more than one day, you have to pay the full week registration.  And yes, you must register to get in the competition room to play the instruments.  They're VERY strict about that.  Probably the same for the side room with the makers' instruments not in the competition.


I certainly will be around 11PM to midnight Saturday to pick up my instrument, as I have an early Sunday flight out.  Last time there were lobby jam sessions going well after midnight after instrument checkout, so I'll probably do that too.

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Registration will give you access to everything. However, on-line registration just closed. Check with the VSA about registering on site.


You do not have to stay every day. There are one day passes too. The Exhibitor Hall is where the vendors are with lots of products for you to try out. If you are not in the Competition you do not have to be around late Saturday to check out your instrument. I will, however, so I can start driving home early Sunday.


Hope this helps.



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The competition room will be closed until the end of judging, so possibly Thursday night will be open.  For someone who wants only to play them, Friday or Saturday appear to be the best times, probably Friday would be slightly better, as some competitors may pay the fee to take their instruments out early.

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