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Lusitano:  How did you break your wrist?  And will it heal well?  Do you know?


jezzupe: I have great admiration for anyone who can compose.  While I have done a little bit for class or theory work...I can't progress past Twinkle Twinkle type 'tunes'.


Stephen:  I will be getting back to scales in a week or two too...in the meantime I have two pieces I am trying to polish before I move forward...and am working on basic arpeggios...finger patterns...to try and have those come easier to me when I play (especially when I need speed).


Car accident and carpel tunnel * fancy excuse for the rust I have technique wise because of lack of practice*


It will heal "perfectly", my flexibility will need some work though but nothing horrid.

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And here is a hard rock song I just finished, there is a violin in there, you just can't really here it, not supposed to, underlying subliminal noise scape




Not sure how old you are Jezzupe so the following may not be suitable for you if you're not of old school age yet.  Imo, pattern your ideas after Lynch Mob and Slash's Snakepit - forgive their evilness, they mean well musically speaking. 

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  I decided to make a few sets of pegs while waiting for varnish to cure in the last few days.  I'm wanting to start fitting them to the pegbox's eventually and what is holding me back this morning from opening the door is a mother possum with three babies on her back, under the porch next to the door I need to get into and one baby already in the garage where my work is, making wining noises keeping mama close by.  

  I've already caught two of six babies and moved them a few miles away countryside.  They are big, weaned kitten size so they try biting my gloved hand when picked up by the tail to be put in a trashcan for transfering down the road.

  The dog and two cats here are supervising me.  They're probably thinking "better him than me".  Because the garage leads to all kinds of areas for hiding and I'd rather not shoot or harm them, this could take awhile.  

  Varnish needs another month or two of curing so I guess time is on my side regarding the remaining violin work left to do.............  

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