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I hope I have my directions correct!

Attached is a photo of a painting you might think looks familiar.

I had it framed and just picked it up from the gallery this afternoon. I have not hung it up yet...will wait for morning light.

This is Stephen Faulk's work. He showed...I asked...he sold...and now I am the happy owner of a beautiful still life(?).

Thanks again Stephen...I anticipate many happy moments of viewing pleasure. Got lots of compliments from the gallery staff too!


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 You're so sweet! This is very nice, they did a good job framing the painting and I am flattered you put so much effort into it. I hope you enjoy it. I guess it should be said the music connection is that this is a corner of my shop with a music stand. Let's call it an interior, I suppose labeling things  is not as fun as seeing them.  :D  A big Hug!



VdeA, Oh yes better than Picarsehole, are you kidding? :)


Bester, or Chekov....


We all do many things,


Yours truly,

 Kosh Naranek

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My husband makes fun of me for 'chatting' on the internet - he only uses it for work and checking game scores (and occasionally he goes on a Kijiji hunt for something or other...)...


But if I wasn't chatting on the internet...well...then I wouldn't have had this delightful experience! :wub:


...stringed instruments...music...art...chickens and cockroaches...so many of my favourite things get discussed...

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