Unusual old pegs

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Is anybody familiar with this type of old peg? The shaft is stamped "ROSE"

I need to know how to adjust them, and also how to get them out of the pegbox!

There is a part that rotates, between the collar and the brass section, where the peg is touching the pegbox. on the two bass pegs this part is still rotating (but very hard to turn) but it's stuck to the pegbox. On the two treble pegs this ring seems to be stuck, thus disabling the "mechanical" aspect of the pegs, and they were used like regular pegs, although they badly need to be adjusted. Should I just treat them like regular pegs? What about the ones that still work?

Any advice?


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Of course I can't be sure, but they look very much like Pegheds, which is not a very old design. They are actually geared tuners, like those used on guitars, with a 4:1 ratio. A few decades old at most. The fine threads near the center are actually screwed into the wood of the peghole. You should be able to grasp the tuning head and pull it slightly out which will let you do faster tuning. If you can't get the other two out, you need to inject a small amount of alcohol (or whatever) into the wood/threads and then grab the shaft behind the head (not the head itself) and turn it. If I remember correctly, to loosen, turn the bass pegs counter clockwise and the treble pegs clockwise.


Pegheds have a website which should include instructions that will help.

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do they thread together at the brass part, perhaps one of the holes in the center section functions as a stop while the head tightened?


put a metal rod into the larger of the holes and hold that while turning the head?



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