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Making Colour

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I just visited the Making Colour exhibition on the National Gallery, UK.


It is an amazing exhibition about history and techniques for the creation of pigments; and how the artists (and more importantly our brains)  create colour. They also look from the science point of view at how and why the colours we see today frequently are not the colours the artist saw when the work was finished. 


I would recommend it if you happen to be in London before 7th September 2014. Whilst they don't discuss varnish colour, I would imagine that some of the pigments used for oil paintings, fabrics, lakes, were used by the great makers of the past.



So, maybe those instruments were more red or more yellow than they are now? 



This is the official blurb:

‘Making Colour’, the first exhibition of its kind in the UK, invites you on an artistic and scientific voyage of discovery. From sparkling minerals to crushed insects, learn about the surprising materials used to create pigments and the incredible journeys made by artists in their pursuit of new hues.

Span hundreds of years from the early Renaissance to the Impressionistmovement as you take in displays of paintings, mineral specimens, textiles, ceramics and glass.

Journey from lapis lazuli to cobalt blue, ancient vermilion to bright cadmium red, through yellow, orange, purple and verdigris to deep green viridian – in a series of colour-themed rooms. Finally, enter a dazzling central room devoted to gold and silver.

‘Making Colour’ is complemented by an interactive display that introduces a new world of contemporary scientific thought on colour. Designed to demonstrate how we perceive and register colour, the experiment will reveal how the eye and brain respond to colour in unexpected ways.


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