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Joel Pautz

Strad Scroll Star Imprint

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Hi everyone,

When I was looking through my photo library today I noticed what appears to be a star-like imprint on the bass side of a scroll that is designated in my files as  belonging to the 1713 Stradivari 'Pingrille'. Of course, this immediately brought to mind the similar imprint preserved on the bass side of the 'Messiah' scroll. 

I don't have access to alot of literature, but the catalog from the recent 'Stradivarius' exhibit put together by Charles Beare makes no mention of any Strad scrolls other than the Messiah which bear a star imprint. Stewart Pollen's article A Case Study: the "Messiah" violin goes even further and says the star mark on the eye of the Messiah's scroll "is most uncharacteristic, as such a mark has not been observed on any other Stradivari scrolls". 

So I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that this instrument is attributed correctly in my files, confirm that there seems to be a star imprint on the bass side of this (allegedly) Stradivari scroll, or confirm whether any other scrolls by Stradivari have been observed to bear a star imprint aside from 'Le Messie'. Included below are a couple photos from my files designated as the 1713 'Pingrille', a photo of the Messiah's star imprint as included in the Stradivarius exhibit catalog, and a cropped photo of what appears to be a star imprint on the side of the 'Pingrille'.








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