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Another example of neck and rib joins.

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Have been reading with interest the discussions on rib joins and neck attachments.


On the above violin, is this a through neck and are the ribs the "built on the back" type?

If not, what type are they?

Also what is the strange square and circle in the middle of the top plate likely to be?

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Yes, that one has the ribs made in what I described as variety No. 3) in post # 46 here

It will probably have a through neck too, although one can not reliably see from the pictures, there are transitional varieties too. The “Hopf” is more to be understood as a model of one of the wholesalers (e.g. Pfretschner's), rather than an individual maker of that name. The square on the front will surely be the manipulations of some wretched individual who owned it, and nothing to do with its manufacturer

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