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Interesting Maine Violin Shop Photo

David Sanderson

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Here's an interesting photo of a violin maker's shop, from Ebay:




It is comfortably cluttered, and will perhaps look familiar, one of the eternal verities of the luthier's profession. This man will be one of the two hundred or so violin makers who proliferated in Maine between about 1880 and 1910, and produced at times some very nice instruments. He may have a real bench, but it doesn't show here; the low bench to his right seems to me very much like one of the common shoemakers' benches of the period, and I wonder if this was not a workbench. Then again, he looks comfortable in his chair, and may have done a lot just sitting there. What I find especially interesting is the caliper in his right hand, which looks like a commercial product, not homemade.


It's a stereo view, and the starting price is too much for me, though I have to say I would dearly love to have it.

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What looks like a cornerless mold I think is a work cradle.  He’s holding a fairly intricate caliper.  There’s a classic scroll template, a whole bunch of gouges.  There’s a finished scroll poking out from a pile of tools, on top of which might be a bending strap.




If you go cross-eyed, you can see it in stereo.  I trick I learned at U.

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Very cool. :)  Love the old photos...but I'd be worried about the ceiling coming down on me personally...and maybe rats...although I like rats...




If you go cross-eyed, you can see it in stereo.  I trick I learned at U.


Dare I ask what you majored in?

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