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Hi there,


Is there a reason the Violoncello da Spalla isn't really popular in today's playing?



It has a lovely sound to it. Any reason why it isn't really popular? Do people just go with cello, rather than this?


For interest sake, is there anyone here who perhaps make them? Who would like to share their opinion on these instrument?



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I have had wonderful results so far with making 5 String piccolo violoncelli, however it is a challenge to deliver a powerful instrument with such short string length. I have been pondering making a violoncello da spalla for years now, but it may be some time till I get to it. 


You can take a look here at some of the baroque cellos I have made… all of which have a very surprisingly powerful bass/tenor tone.


Dmitry Badiarov also makes them and with very impressive results.


I would be seeking a tone however less like the bassoon-like "Faggotgeige" -  which always seem to be the case with these instruments with such small corpus.  

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I play an 18" viola.  Very few other violists can play one so big.  Scaled from violins using the simplest theory,

18 inches translates to HALF size.  A 21 inch full size would be nice... Da Spalla !  


A cello da Spalla  is backwards for a real cellist.  A cello da spalla is too small as a cello.  A cello da Spalla is

too big for a real violist.  It is baritone violin size.  When did you last see a baritone violin part.


da Spalla makes a lot of sense for large violas.  Getting strings, training players, getting into an orchestra are

all practical problems slowing progress.  Not to mention the difference in Sound.

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