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String tension and sound characteristics

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering, although there are of course a lot of different factors playing a role, are there any general things that can be said about the relation between string tension and sound characteristics on e.g. a cello? For example, if I would have a regular tension a string and I would replace it with a high tension a string, will the sound (generally) become 'warmer' or less warm, etc.?


I understand that a statement like that will never hold for all instuments and all cases, and also that string tension is of course not the only method to change sound characteristics, but I can imagine that to a certain extent a prediction can be made on the effect of increasing or lowering string tension on the sound.




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While a lot of strings appear to be advertised as coming in different gauges(light, medium, heavy),

in reality smaller retail outlets seem to stock mainly "medium" gauge for practical reasons, I suppose.

I have thought about but never actually bought three sets to see how thy might best match

mainly for financial reasons I guess.

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