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Modern Maker Exhibits in the US

Andrew Song

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Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there are to be any well-attended modern maker exhibits happening in the US this year? Mondomusica has already passed and I won't be able to make it to the Players meet Makers event at AFVBM in Chicago this weekend.

Does anyone know if Julie Reed is planning on running another exhibition this year?



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Pasewicz has something going on on the 24th, which I believe will include some modern instruments.



Don't know if Julie Reed has anything planned, might need to call her. Her shop's number is (212) 765-3275.


The VSA Competition, which will probably have around 400 instruments, is in Indianapolis in September.


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I think Julie is away at the moment. (A well deserved rest.) I believe that she has an exhibition planned, but due to lack of space and popular demand it is usually an invitation only event. I might add that she is one of the few dealers who truly supports modern makers in a very practical and kind way. There is no hint of the exploitation I see from some. In fact, I would guess that she just about breaks even on the deal. What is nice about her event is the atmosphere and the variety of people and instruments. This is a great shop to visit anyway, lovely people.  

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Thanks David. Are players or other members of the public usually allowed to play and try some of the instruments bing presented? I've never been to a VSA before.

There's about a day, sometimes a little more, after the results are announced, when attendees can handle and play the competition instruments to their heart's content. There's usually also a separate exhibition room with instruments from various makers, many of them previous winners, which is open all week.

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Hello Andrew,

Are you asking about exhibits because you are a player looking for a violin for yourself? are you a maker wishing to see what others are up to? are you maker looking for more exposure? 


If you are any or all of these things, the next big violin event is the VSA in Indianapolis in September. 

If you are looking either as a player or a maker the Players Meet Makers event in Chicago this weekend will be an exhibit of some of the very best American makers.


Marilyn Wallin

Lincoln NE

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I'm asking as a player looking for an instrument and as someone who, in general, is very interested in the "hardware" side of the business and wanting to grow my knowledge and understanding.


Are attendees wishing to try the VSA (+ other) instruments required to purchase a conference pass? I'm afraid most (if not all) the talks around making would be over my head at this time.





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I hope Julie Reed has an exhibition this year. I own the 2013 Tres Amigos and am looking forward to seeing the next!


Roger, I was also the first one to try your Guarneri copy when it arrived in the shop last year. Wonderful fiddle! The response was just deadly, and from what I could tell under my ear, it was deceptively large sounding, like a real Guarneri.

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