Undercutting Brescian-style f holes

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I am currently making an instrument based on a Brescian pattern.   One thing that I am contemplating doing is undercutting the f holes.   Gregg Alf mentions this on his blog, and John Dilworth also alludes to this practice in his writings.


This is not something I have tried before, so I am interested in any tips or advice that others may have on this.   My assumption is that I am aiming at the kind of profile depicted here in the Courtnall & Johnson book:




One question that occurs to me is whether this is applies all the way around the f holes.   The reason for the question can be seen in the attached picture I took of a Maggini violin:




To my eye the wood around the upper eye does not appear to have been undercut.   For comparison consider the wood near the f nicks.    Is this variation significant, or not?


As I say, any help you can offer gratefully received.



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