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Bass bar stud paper


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I have read several place that I should put paper on the little studs I will temporarily glue on to the top plate to aid in chalk fitting the bass bar. Can anyone tell me exactly where the paper goes? Does it go between the studs and plate, or between the studs and the bass bar? If between the stud and plate, it would have to be glued to both. Also, do you put the end grain of the stud down for a weaker glue joint?

What type of paper?

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The paper is glued between the top and the stud.  It is glued to both.  I prepare a strip of stud wood perhaps about four by four millimeters by ten inches long from any spruce scrap I find lying around and glue a strip of paper to one long edge of it.  Then I cut individual studs off this prepared strip about seven millimeters long.


The purpose of the paper is to make removing the studs easier.  To remove them, I pry them up with a gouge.  The paper splits, part of it coming away with the stud and part remaining glued to the top.  Then I moisten paper bit still glued to the top and scrape it away when the glue has softened.


I do not glue the stud on its end grain.

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