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Here's a link to this violin




Sorry I couldn't add more, but I wouldn't know an Italian violin if you hit me over the head with one. One rule of thumb on ebay, though. If it says "Italian" or "Italian labeled", then it's with 99.99999% certainty not Italian at all.

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I wouldn't know an Italian violin if you hit me over the head with one.

The impact spectrum sounds more "musical;", and the owner usually shrieks much louder.  Perhaps a test can be arranged.  I can think of several forum devotees who would serve as excellent resonators, and one could make a tidy sum selling tickets. Perhaps an event for the next VSA convention?  :ph34r:

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There's something about the scroll on this one that looks unique to me, although they are all different. My point was I've seen thousands of Chinese and German "Italian Labeled" and "Italian" violins on ebay, easily recognised, some of them pure junk, some nice but not Italian. They generally go for several times what they are worth.


Sorry, but I won't be able to attend the next convention, Violadamore. 

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Here a Bairhoff and a description from Buchanan.




Not a Bairhoff.  Arching, purfling, outline is wrong.


As it says: label frequently found in older German violins ( Saxon I presume).


Another boat varnish job? Or a double dose of french polish?

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