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Outdoor Playing

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping you are able to offer me some advice. In an attempt to improve my skills and confidence in performing, I have decided to purchase a secondary viola for playing outdoors, possibly busking. My budget is limited but I still have the option to choose between oil and nitrocellulose finishes. 


My questions are: 


1. Will a nitrocellulose finish be hardier, or more weatherproof, than an oil finish? 


2. Will a nitro finish affect the sound negatively, whether new or after a few years? (Given that it's for outdoor playing, sound will probably not be too much of a problem since it will be hard to hear either way..but if I'm spending money on an instrument I might as well get one that will sound decent for a while.)


3. I'm planning to use synthetic strings, likely Dominants to start with. Any recommendations for a sound that carries outdoors? 


Thank you in advance! 

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