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can anyone tell me about MY roman teller?


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I recently purchased a Roman Teller 4/4 violin for $900. My fiddle teacher had or still has one and it was his pride and joy of fiddles. I am really not a very experienced violinist nor do i know a lot about modern quality violins, but i do know one thing. My Roman Teller sounds wonderful. A world sight of difference between it and my old Sam Eastman. I would love to know more about it but so far here in Greensboro, no luck. The model number is RT 26. Serial: S 5036 Can anyone help me?



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If you plug Roman Teller into the MN search engine, you'll get a few posts regarding them.  From the few moments I spent looking they seem to range in price from $50 - 3000 (take that for what's it's worth).


But if you like it...and the sound it produces...then that's really all the matters!  Glad you found a good one!

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